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I have an MA in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, specializing in Transpersonal Psychology. I have worked extensively with individual adults, children, couples and groups. I have worked as a child therapist at the preschool and elementary school levels.

This is a second career for me. My professional background includes science, business, writing, computers, and education.  However, the biggest changes in my life have been from meeting the kinds of challenge many of my clients experience. This history helps me understand what they are going through and how to help.

I chose the Transpersonal Specialty because of my belief that meaning and fundamental values are important to most people. Transpersonal Psychology starts with the best practices of regular, personal psychology, and then goes beyond them into the deeply felt beliefs that psychology tends to avoid. This includes what many people call spirituality, and encompasses an array of practices and experiences.  For some people this is as simple as the deep meaning of family and friends, creating community, composing or performing music, painting, teaching, helping others, standing on a mountain or by the ocean, watching a sunset, and anything else that is deeply moving. For others it includes meditating, thinking about the meaning of life, practicing a religion, praying, and many other things.  Often when people are in distress, they neglect the activities that provide comfort and confidence. I hope to encourage my clients to strengthen their deep spiritual values, because those values affect everything else in their lives.